Serpent's Skull - Q

Toy Stories

Conversations between Constructs

Dee: setting down her tiny pack between two stone chairs “There’s no sign of Rogo here, Beaksworth.”

Beaksworth: flying above to tuck a stretch of canvas between the chairs, making a small enclosure. “I fear the worst, sister. He was tasked with guarding Mother’s body, and in his simpleness, he may have done so at the loss of his own existence.”

Dee: setting out small stone bricks and pieces of wood as tables and chairs beneath the canopy “Mother was missing, too, Beaksworth. Did you notice?”

Beaksworth: hopping in to the miniature shelter “It did not escape my notice, dear sister, and again, I fear the worst.”

Dee: drawing out one scroll at a time, piling them next to several overlarge books “Do you think she has been made undead like Surina?”

Beaksworth: slowly rotating his head 360 degrees, blinking his eyes with a clicking noise. “We were in the Land of the Linnorm Kings long enough that a number of rituals could have been used to transform her.”

Dee: drumming her ceramic fingertips against the makeshift table “We accomplished good things in the past there, though. We re-established the timestream by ensuring the particular death of Fafnir, albeit at the loss of Katri’s brother.”

Beaksworth: clicks his beak sadly

Dee: “And our brother, as well. Our family was halved in the space of a day.”

Beaksworth: looking around at the tiny, makeshift room “What are we to do, Sister?”

Dee: laying out a large parchment as Beaksworth’s eyes click wide “We rebuild, brother. We rebuild.”


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