Serpent's Skull - Q

Magical Update - I've got plans! Important plans!


pushes up her glasses and clears her throat
Alrighty, fellow travellers, Mo here with your weekly magical update.

While you all have been polishing your muscles and bladening your knives, or whatever it is you brute-force people do, I’ve been hard at work devising new and fantastic magics for the benefit of all.

First up is the ability to fly. Yes, you heard me—no more finagling with ropes and climbing up precipitous cliffs. Now, with a single application of my spell, you can have the power of flight for 5 minutes at a time. You should know, though, that I’ll only be able to cast it once a day—twice if I’m asked to prepare it that way in the morning.

Next up is my contribution to the world of summoning. I’ve been watching Chrono’s work in the field, and I think I can do better than flinging octopuses at people. I’ve combined the basic principle with some first hand experience to give you a triumph of a spell: Mad Monkeys. The next time we’re up against a horde, I’ll be countering with my own swarm of monkeys.

Lastly, and mot importantly, I’ll be working on the first of many projects. unrolls a sheet of paper and a pile of parts I’ve been studying those soulbound dolls we encountered on the island. I’ve identified the basic principle that makes them run—soul power. However, I’m still a few months away from harnessing that power source. I have, however, come up with an alternative mode of propulsion—springs! I give you the grand design for Axudar, our wind-up delivery monster. When I’m done with this little guy, he’ll be our battlefield delivery system, running weapons, potions, and what have you from person to person. He’s a little bit fragile, but he can fly from person to person to pass on vital objects.

In order to learn how to make Axudar, I’ve had to research not just construct creation, but also the fundamental principles of magical armaments. So while I’ve always got plans for new little friends, between major projects, if you need something built, ask me, and we’ll see if I can wrangle up supplies for it.


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