Serpent's Skull - Q

First Session - Stranded

An Island of Questions

Where am I? Why am I here?
Why have I got so much water in my ear?
I hear the waves crashing on the shore
Why don’t I know who I am any more?
Why is there sand on my feet?
Why can I hear the sound of my heart beat?
Why is there sand in my mouth?
Where am I North or South?
The years have passed and I have aged
Why do I feel that I am caged?
I can smell the faint scent of sea air
Slowly the water drains out of my hair
I finally know in this nightmare of dreams
Everything here is not what it seems!
As I glance out at sea
I ask myself why me!?
I see the birds overhead
I feel like I am dead.
Stranded on this island of misery
I dream every day of being free!

(By Zara)


Don’t worry. If we’re trapped here much longer, I’ll make sure there’s no island left.

First Session - Stranded
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