Serpent's Skull - Q

Dear Archchancellor Celestium . . .

c/o The Twilight Academy

Dear Archchancellor Arorius Celestium, A.C.C., ArM, HM, TSHC.,

Taskmage Asmodia Waxwridian, Department of Experimental Magics, writing in! I apologize for the delay and the assertiveness in writing directly to you, as the comings and goings of student research are hardly notable on the schema of the Archchancellor’s schedule. However, I thought the most recent incidents worthy of note.

On an expedition to the Bandu Hills, to research the recent excavations of the Deeptreasure Mining Company (Professor Elemental, my department head, was intimately familiar with the site and gave it a high recommendation), I was stranded on a strange island known to the locals as Serpent’s Shiv. This island was host to a number of strange magical and supernatural effects, affecting the very tides themselves, tied to odd ritual sites and objects. (Diagrams attached.)

I am happy to report that I’ve reached land by joining forces with a ragtag group of explorers. These same explorers, however, are being courted by a number of powerful organizations, including the Pathfinders (those tactless brutes), the Red Mantis Assassins, the Sargovian government, and even some local criminal groups. Much of this interest seems tied to some lost city, Savanth Yi, reputedly a site of great importance.

For the time being, I will accompany this motley crew. After all—if so many great powers are interested in this city, there must be some major magical significance to it. It is possible that study of this city might contribute to my thesis, or even contribute to the Grand Archives of the Twilight Academy. (They have repaired the East Wing, I hope. It was foolish of the Planar Laboratories to summon Fiendish Elephants next door to paper archives.) I will send further missives as the situation develops.

Hope you are well. And I hope that the Alicorns have continued their undefeated Hoopball winning streak (if it’s not too much trouble, I would be absolutely ecstatic to hear of the current Hoopball rankings among the Academies.)

—Asmodia Waxwridian, TkM, Department of Experimental Magics


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