Serpent's Skull - Q


By far the most metro of my spells

Mo pushes up her glasses

Alright, fellow castaways, here’s your spell update from your resident, genius, magical engineer!

Through hard work and research, I’ve developed several new spells.

The first of them in Make Whole, an improved version of Mending. I can’t cast it nonstop, like Mending, but it’s instantaneous, and fixes a hell of a lot faster and better.

The second spell is of particular use to you heavy brutes in heavy armor. I want you to know that your resident wizard appreciates your efforts in keeping the squishies safe. So I’ve tweaked my mending magics to create a spell that assembles your armor on your bodies.

When I cast Swift Girding, your armor will instantaneously and magically appear on your body, perfectly applied.

closes her spellbook

That’s right, I’m a genius—you may now shower me with your adulation and appreciation . . .


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