Serpent's Skull - Q

A Letter from Dee, Magnet-pinned to her Chassis

written in the night

Good morning, everyone,

I don’t know how long I have to write this. I’m lucid for the moment, but there’s no knowing how long it will last. I would have woken you all up for this, but I . . . I think that it would have made you more sad, knowing that I’d be gone again soon.

Most of the time, it’s really, really hard to think, but I still recognize you all as friends, even if I have trouble talking sometimes. My magical conduits are still functioning, but I’m going to need some guidance sometimes. Please be patient with me.

I can feel myself slipping away with every minute, so I’m going to make the best of the time I have, and see if I can make some repairs. With any luck, I’ll get more lucid moments after this. If not, well, I’ll miss you all so much.

Change is constant. Good times change to bad. Bad times change to good. Weather the bad, and live for the good, because existence is temporary, no matter your lifespan.

In case I don’t get a chance to say it, I love you all, and I wouldn’t trade any of our times together, not for all the unwound time in the world.

Be good, be happy,
D33 through D34 and onward.


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